Étant donné Marcel Duchamp no. 11  2016, 256 pages, 373 illustrations

In August–September 1961, Marcel Duchamp went to Stockholm to see the first full-scale replica of the Large Glass, which Ulf Linde had fabricated at the request of Pontus Hultén for the exhibition Rörelse i konsten (Movement in Art) at the Moderna Museet. This visit was the culmination of growing interest in Duchamp, his oeuvre, and his ideas among several artists and writers in Sweden, including Öyvind Fahlström, Ilmar Laaban, Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, and Per Olof Ultvedt. Exploring Duchamp’s impact on the Swedish artistic landscape, this issue features an interview with Linde, Duchamp’s correspondence with Linde and Hultén, Lütfi Özkök’s photographic portraits of Duchamp taken during the latter’s visit to Stockholm, as well as translations of a 1954 text by Hultén on the readymades and a 1961 interview between Linde and Duchamp. The volume also contains new scholarly research concerning the sole artwork that Duchamp made while in Stockholm, early exhibitions of the artist’s work in Sweden, and Duchamp’s influence on Reuterswärd. Over 370 photographs and archival documents, many published for the first time, illustrate these and the many other texts comprising Étant donné Marcel Duchamp no. 11.


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